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Our Copper SAFE FACE Masks provide a Breathable, Four -Layer  copper-infused barrier. Washable >50x, Reusable, >N99 Filter material that is self-sanitizing, antimicrobial  and protect against viruses, comfortable to wear and durable and breathable.

Four colour / design options are available in Adult sizing while Child sizing comes in  and white and sky blue only.

The majority of face masks currently on the market are single use and at best N95 filtration efficiency only.


This lower rating does not offer optimal safety against aerosol and droplet spread.  However, our re-usable Copper SAFE FACE >N99 Face Mask offers the critical additional filtration.



> Copper is a naturally occurring antimicrobial, self-sanitizing material which has the capability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

> They are Non-Medical face masks, means you have the best in protection without sacrificing style and safety.


> Each Mask comes individually wrapped and  sealed in plastic.

> Natural disinfection properties (kills up to 99.9% of germs)

> 3D Laser Cutting production for seamless enhanced fit and comfort

> Moisture wicking, stays dry all day

> Hand  washable and reusable (hand wash no soap needed. as washers tend to loosen sewn components)

>QBM certified antibacterial testing

approved March 30, 2020

​​> Economical and Eco-friendly being reusable

Washable 50x.

​>Hand wash before use in warm water.

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