Customized 300 Watt Red | NIR Customized Portable Panel for Home Use: 440nm, 460nm, 660nm, 850nm

Wavelength Spectrum is Blue, Red, Yellow, and Near Infrared (NIR) These wavelengths and nanometer readings will be on the back of the panel.


Customized Wavelengths. Retails for $1,500.00. Special Introductory Offer for $510.00.

This benefits everyone and boosts your Immune System and gets sunlight into your body if you do not get enough of it and so much more!.

Weight approx. 8Kgs

110 V or 220 V

It has 2 switches - One for Red Light, Yellow and Blue and one for NIR

Target or Full Body Use

Customized Wave lengths for Animals and Humans

It comes with a Two year warranty

It comes with a cable to hook onto the back of a door

a mini stand can be ordered at time of Purchase, please indicate as it is a separate order.


*Please indicate if you require a 110V or 220V.

*Safety Glasses are required with this unit and included.


For Sale / Home Use Customized 4 colour 300 Watt Red Light Device

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    Refunds are not accepted as it's a Personal Product.

    If product is damaged, please contact me.

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