We named this Copper Kid Mask because it has a Copper-Ion-Infused built-in filter within it;s 4 layers. It's comfortable with  a stylish 3D that fits the face snugly and it's made with 100% soft cotton.

All Copper Kid Masks have 4-layers, Anti-bacterial, Anti-Viral, inside and on the outside of the mask for added protection.



*Elastic ear loops

* You can tighten the elastic for a tighter fit

*Adjustable invisible nose clip

* 4-layers

*100% cotton

*washable 50x


*Excellent breathability for 8+ hours

*3D snug fit to the face

*Carefully researched, evidence-based and tested against Coronavirus, H1N1, staphylococcus aureus in March 2020



* 4-layers of 100% cotton


 Dimensions: Kids Size Laid Flat:

*6.5in./17cm wide

*3.5 in./tall 



* Please wash your mask after every use

* Masks can be washed in warm/hot water

* Air dry  or put in the sun


Do not put mask in the washer or dryer

Do not dry clean

12 PACK - Copper Kid N99 Copper-Infused


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