* Wellness Massage Therapy 
*CranioSacral Therapy 
* LED Red Light / Near-Infrared Light Therapy
* 7 Colour LED Facial
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High-Quality Unisex Adult Copper-Infused filter, Masks Antiviral protection in Solid Black and Grey. 
*Can be Personalized.
*Child Size available in Grey
Accepting Pre-Orders for January 2021 for Portable: 
LED 300 Watt Customized 4 colour Red Light Therapy Device.
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Winter 2021
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Wellness Massage And Red Light Combo

Wellness Massage Therapy Muscle Energy (MET), Myofascial Release

1 hr

50 Canadian dollars


CranioSacral Therapy

It's good for Trauma Release, PTSD, Chronic Pain etc.

1 hr

80 Canadian dollars


Sunshine Red Light Therapy Sampler

January - Why not add some Sunshine to your life! 15 Minute Session

15 min

15 Canadian dollars


15 Minute Red Light Therapy Package of 5

Package of 5 - 15 Minute sessions

15 min

50 Canadian dollars


Massage | Red Light Therapy Treatment

For Acute and Chronic Pain Management

1 hr 15 min

70 Canadian dollars


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Samantha Weyers
Certified Massage Provider (2200 Hours), NHPC

Professional Laser Therapist

​​Hi, I'm Samantha!

Perhaps you're weary of chronic pain, or want to reduce inflammation and heal...

Perhaps you're looking for the healing approach that will work for you...

Perhaps you want to feel good inside and look amazing too...

I've been a Certified Massage Provider  with over 2200 Hours and former Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta, and Professional Laser Therapist for over 20 years. From Red Light Healing to 7 Colour LED Facial Treatments, and CranioSacral Therapies, to Therapeutic Style Massage.

I offer a range of modalities tailored to YOU!

I would love to help create a new beginning for your health and well-being to help recover from Acute and Chronic Pain Management. Let's talk..




I offer Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Unwinding Technique Therapy that is non-invansive, Red Light / Near Infrared Therapy that is safe and non-invasive for 15 minutes a day. I offer a professional Service.

Products for Purchase Online:

Due to COVID-19, This is the next best option to use a 300 Watt customized wavelength device for purchase for Home Maintenance. 


Face Masks for Purchase online:

Copper Kid Copper-Infused,  4 -layer N99 built-in filter face mask, 

Unisex Adult Copper-Infused, 4-layer N99 built-in face masks for purchase online.Single and Packs available for Kids and Adults.

Services / Fees / Products

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*Massage Therapy

*/CranioSacral Therapy

* RED LIGHT / NIR Treatments.

* Packages and Individual Sessions

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LED Red | Near Infrared (NIR) Therapy Clients - Kamloops, BC

I tried red-light therapy with Sam for the first time and it was a very good experience. Sam is professional and her space is always clean and comfortable. As a young adult with chronic illness, this service was very helpful. It helped with pain reduction as well as energy levels. I would definitely recommend red-light therapy with Sam.

September 22, 2020

Fauve G.





I returned from a holiday with an injured back and quite exhausted from pushing myself the last few days and enduring a long flight home. After a week of ice and heat and sleep I was still in quite a bit of discomfort and had no energy or motivation.  Following 5 sessions or red light therapy with  Sam, I noticed a significant improvement in both my pain level and my energy.  I am very grateful for having access to this gentle and non invasive therapy.

February, 2020

Mary J.

It's my 5th session....It's very calming, relaxing and grounding! Highly recommended.

January 7th, 2020

Val M


Happy CranioSacral Therapy Clients...Fort McMurray, Alberta and Ontario

"I had an eye twitch for many months continuing to get worse, I decided to have a CranioSacral treatment as nothing else worked for me and in one session it disappeared after twelve hours!  Thank you Sam".   Alexandra D. 


"I've had so much shoulder pain lately. I came in to see Samantha for a CranioSacral Treatment and felt a 'weight' lifted off my shoulders after 1 treatment".    Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa.  


"September 2017, After having Sciatica attacks and unable to walk very far and low back hip pain, and memory loss issues after 8 treatments, My sacrum felt like it ' opened up' and was able to walk without pain and limping".  Geoff T.



Happy Massage Therapy Clients...Fort McMurray, Alberta


​"Sam addressed my problem areas and I left feeling so relaxed and out of pain. I’d recommend Samantha to anyone who has a specific area that’s hurting. Loved my massage".   Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa

"I always enjoy going to see Samantha Weyers for a deep tissue massage. I feel like a brand new person every time. Thank you Samantha. 10/10 would recommend".      Anonymous Verified Customer of Achieve Wellness Spa

'You know it’s a good massage when you fall asleep!"     Claire B

"Amazing. Love Samantha , I feel so relaxed and at ease during and after my massage".   Gloria F.


"This visit was probably my best massage from Samantha I’ve had there. I’ve been going there for a few years and this by far was the most relief I’ve felt".  Destiny


"Always a great experience!"   Candace

Happy Face Mask Customers item reviews.

Unisex Adult and Child Copper-Infused built-in filter, reusable 50x, washable, 4-layers protection


Diane on 03 Jul, 2020

5 out of 5 stars


My kids wear these masks and have said how comfortable they are. Excellent communication with vendor!

Professional High Quality 4-Layer Copper-Infused N99 Carbon Filter, Adjustable Ear Loops, Washable Face Mask for everyday use.

Lise on 11 Dec, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Lise on 11 Dec, 2020

5 out of 5 stars


High-Quality, 4 Layer, 3D Fitting, Unisex, Child Copper-Infused Built-In Filter, Washable 50X, Reusable Mask


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Maple Leaf Building Block - 2nd Floor,  #7-231 Victoria Street Kamloops, BC V2C 2A1

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